Sandstone Sculptures

Sedona and Northern Arizona are home to some of the country’s most spectacular Sandstone structures.  Hiking throughout Sedona you will see beautiful Sandstone rock formations.  At Zonies Galleria, you will find these beautiful, natural creations in many different forms.  Our Sandstone comes from the Sedona area and is harvested in large slabs.  These slabs are then brought to our artist’s shop where they are carved and sculpted into different shapes ranging from small to large sculptures, spheres, coasters, tea-light holders, planters, hearts and more…

How Sandstone is Formed

Sandstone is formed between 180 to 220 million years ago (the early part of the Late Triassic period) by wind, and water as part of the geological formation “Shinarump”.  The colors and designs were introduced by mineral springs containing iron oxides.  Nature’s most beautiful paintings!  Our Sandstone is from the Sedona area.  The design patterns are natural and its color is achieved by heat treating the stone, to bring out more of the natural color.  By adding heat, it causes the iron oxide to oxidize.  The richer the iron content, the deeper the color red.

Healing Benefits

Sandstone is good for creativity and relationships.  It said to uncover truth and is used for recharge and rejuvenation.  It is ideal for balance and stability of moods.  Many people use sandstone during shamanic journeys, connecting to enlightenment and the Devine. At Zonies Galleria in Sedona, we carry a wide selection of beautiful Sandstone sculptures ranging in sizes from a silver dollar to two and half feet tall.  These natural creations add natural beauty to one’s home, bringing with them, the energy and memory of Sedona. They are organic, grounding, and beautiful – enhancing the ambiance of your office, living room, family room, entryway, fireplace, mental, hallway, bedroom, or outside.  Call today to find out about our current selection.

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