Mesquite Lamps

Handmade Mesquite Lamps

Mesquite is prized for its stability, swirling grain and variance in color and come from the Southwest. The wood has a warm color, almost like cherry, and a lot of character.  It is an extremely hard wood that does not shrink and swell appreciably when subjected to extremes in moisture conditions. The grain has a fine- to medium-textured open-grain, ranging from straight to wavy. The wood has a natural luster and may have ingrown bark and mineral streaks. Our Mesquite lamps are handmade and range in size from small to extremely large.  The growth rings in the mesquite lamps tell the story of their life and with it comes, worm hole borrows, remains of fire, a beautiful inclusions, different variations of color and texture, and more.  Some have holes or are uniquely shaped. Each one is truly unique.  The artists who makes our lamps follow the individual crevasses in the wood and inlay ground turquoise and resin.  Each turquoise design created on both sides of the lamp follow the natural cracks. Our lamps are then fitted with a hand made Copper shade.  The shades have different patterns such as feathers, mountains, sunbursts, hash marks, nail holes and more.  They range in color from natural copper to patina blue or patina green complimenting the copper color. These beautiful mesquite lamps are truly a signature piece in anyone’s, living room, family room, bed room, study, office, hallway or patio. We ship the mesquite lamps throughout the United States, Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico.  If you are interested in seeing our current selection, please call our gallery at 928-282-5995.  We would be happy to take you on a personal tour.

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